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Great Massages, Facials, Manicure & Pedicure, Couples Massage, Threading, Body Scrubs/wrap, , Massage, Spa Parties and more...
Our Facials and Specialized Treatments are customized for your skin type. As we mature, our bodies produce less natural moisture, collagen and elastin causing our skin to become dry, dull and saggy. We suggest being more about revitalizing the skin with regular treatments long before the need is apparent, or for restorative treatments to regain a healthy glow.
Treat yourself, relax, enjoy and benefit from these great treatments that will leave your skin refreshed, renewed, clean, soft and smooth.
These treatments are for Men, Women, and Teens.
We an amazing, relaxing, healing,  therapeutic Hot/Cold Stone  Massage with the Facial and Back Facial. You will truly enjoy this treatment.
Relaxing and Healing Massages:
Swedish, Deep , Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stones, Prenatal, Reflexology, Hot Bamboo Massages and more....
 SPA PARTIES for kids & Adults-Fashion Show Parties-Hawaiin Parties-Spa Parties
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